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Water Baptism Processes

Water Baptism Processes

-Once dates are proposed & confirmed for the year, they get added to the facilities calendar (Melissa)
Meeting w/PB also gets placed on PB’s & facilities calendar one to two weeks before baptism Sunday (it is held in the conference room after each service for ~15 minutes)

8 Weeks Prior:
-The registration page is made (Melissa) and added to the website (Laurel)
-Put “Water Baptisms” in the corresponding PCO service plan title (Melissa)

5-7 Weeks Prior:

PB makes announcements in service and teaches about baptism (Laurel pings PB&J)

5 Weeks Prior:

Social posts are sent out & Churchwide Email invites (Laurel)

4 Weeks Prior:
-Any children or youth getting baptized – schedule meeting with Pastor Steve or Steven prior to video shoot. (Melissa)
-Video Testimonies are scheduled & an email is sent out with info to help candidates prepare for video shoot (Melissa)
-Input the order in which they’ll be baptized into PCO service plan (Melissa)
-Email pastors (or whoever else is baptizing) the order of baptisms for each service. Always schedule whoever will be preaching first so that they have time to change. (Melissa)
-Besides ministry staff, elders are also able to baptize someone. All other requests must be approved by Pastor Bob.
-Pull out t-shirts (found in basement storage) and get appropriate sizes for each candidate. (Melissa/Christine)

3 Weeks Prior:

Video Shoot for Baptisms (Laurel or Steve if children)

2 Weeks Prior:

Information Sheet Sent out (Melissa)

1-2 Weeks Prior:
Info Meeting with Pastor Bob (John Iacucci is back-up for this meeting if PB is unavailable)
Print the information Sheet and place in conference room for that Sunday morning (Melissa)
Have t-shirts available for pick-up at Welcome Center or in Conference Room (Melissa/Christine)
Anyone who is unable to attend this meeting must schedule a phone or in-person meeting with someone on the pastoral staff. (Melissa)
Friday Before Baptisms:
Email reminder is sent with order of baptisms and arrival time (Melissa)
Place reserved seating signs in Auditorium for baptism candidates (Melissa)
Day of:
Place any t-shirts that have not been picked up at the Welcome Center (Melissa/Christine)
Place out an empty tub to collect towels right outside the staff restrooms (Melissa/Christine)
Place clean folded towels on stage for staff use (Melissa/Christine)
Touch-base with each candidate – make sure they have arrived and know where to sit and what order to line up in. (Melissa or Christine)

Enter baptism date in “Spiritual Milestones” in PCO profiles (Melissa/Christine)

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