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Volunteer Schedule on TV

This article includes the instructions on how I set this up to show the AdventureKids Volunteer Schedule on the TV.

Step 1: Copy the python files and scripts

Go to Shadrach > Shared Staff > Tech > Volunteer Schedules on TV folder

Copy any of the folders (midweek, 9am, or 11am) to your computer’s Documents Folder. (the computer running the report)

  • pco-report-midweek
  • pco-report-sunday9am
  • pco-report-sunday11am

Then you will need to go into the Terminal app and do the following:

  • cd ~/Documents/pco-report-midweek (or appropriate folder)
  • chmod +x get_report¬†
Step 2:  Copy the Automator App file to your Documents Folder
  • AdventureKids-9am-report
  • AdventureKids-11am-report
  • AdventureKids-midweek-report
Step 3: Install Lingon X on your computer and create a new scheduled action
  1. See Steve Otto for the license
  2. Create a new file by clicking the + button
  3. Name the file – something like RunAdventureKids9amReport
  4. Click Next and then choose application
  5. Click Next and in the dropdown, go all the way to the bottom and choose Other
  6. Navigate to your Documents folder, and select the Automator App you copied over from Shadrach
  7. Click the “Scheduled” icon and choose Day of week, “Sunday”, “8:00am” (or whatever your desired time)
  8. Click Save

Lingon does not need to be open to run this job.

BONUS STEP: What to Edit if You’re Making A New Script

The Automator App:

  1. You can open this, by first opening the Apple Automator App and then open the file (AdventureKids-midweek-report).
  2. In this file, just change the file name in the path. (cd ~/Documents/pco-report-adult-9am

Rename the pco-report folder and edit the config file.

  1. Rename the folder from pco-report-midweek to pco-report-adult-9am, for example.
  2. Edit the config.env file. (Use CODA to edit this).
    1. Change the SERVICE_TYPE to the correct service name
    2. Change the REPORT_TEMPLATE_ID to the correct id number
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