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Volunteer Room Setup

VOLUNTEER ROOM (approx. 5 minutes)

  • Wipe off the table
  • Stock and maintain: napkin bin, coffee creamer container, coffee stirrers, sugar container, mint container, small paper plates, roll of paper towels, hand sanitizer wipes, regular sanitizer wipes
  • Place napkin bin and plates on the table for the donuts
  • Place a dozen water bottles on the table with the black tablecloth
  • After the 9:00am service wipe off the table and replenish all items as needed
  • Arrange remaining donuts in one box (if they fit)


After the 11:00am service (IF time allows – approx. 15 minutes):

  • Take coffee decanter to the kitchen, empty the decanter and run water through it to clean it out
  • Wipe off the table and throw away any used items (paper plates, napkins, half eaten donuts, etc.)
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