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Using Laptop on Lobby Screens

Occasionally we need to use our Lobby for ministry and would like to have a laptop for presentation purposes come through our Lobby TVs. A similar option, may be to show worship lyrics in the Lobby, but have the Slides person using a laptop in the Lobby. Here’s how:

Connect the SDI Cable
  1. Plug one of our available blue SDI cables into the Livestream Input in the wall behind the desk in the Livestream Room.

Notice the wall jacks on the wall behind the Livestream desk.

The Livestream Input is the one featured here with the black cable coming out. (Not the power cable).

Important: We typically leave the black cable plugged in, and use a coupler to connect our blue SDI cable.

Use couples and additional cables to run the cable feed wherever you need.

Be sure to use Gaff Tape (found in Livestream Room) to tape down cables anywhere people may be walking over them.


Connect the UpDownCross HD with an HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable will go out from the Laptop (or iMac) and into the HDMI IN on the UpDownCross.

The SDI cable will plug into the SDI OUT on the UpDownCross.

Plug in the power cable for the UpDownCross.

If Sound Is Needed

First, change the settings on your computer.

In System Preferences, choose Sound

Choose the Output tab

Choose the device that has the type of HDMI.

Second, be sure the ATEM Software Control software has the sound enabled for the LINP (Livestream Input) channel.

Open the ATEM Software, and click on the Audio Tab.

Verify that the slider is up to ‘0’ and the On button is enabled.

Route the Video Feed to the Lobby TVs

On the Stream Deck (in the Livestream Room next to the iMac) do the following:

  1. Click the Page Up arrow to go to page 2
  2. Click on the EXP MEMBER button.







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