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Turning the Sound Board on and Off

Step 1: Press the “ON” Button on the rack beneath the console. When everything is completely powered on, the button will be lit up. This is also the last step in powering the system off, using the red “OFF” button. The switch will not work if the key is not inserted and turned as pictured.

Step 2: Turn on the Furman power strip beneath the “ON” button. This will power on the sound console. The console will take several minutes to boot up.

Step 3: Power on the computers that accompany the console using the button on the rack. Sign in on the main menu using “dlive” as the password.

Step 4: Open the Program “Waves SoundGrid” from the desktop, and wait for it to fully load the “Calvary” scene.



Follow the above steps for startup in reverse order, with the following specifications:

  1. Before turning off the computer, close out the window of TracksLive (if you were using it) and save the file that you were working on so that it can be used for virtual soundcheck.
  2. Before turning off the sound console go to the “Home” button on the upper right hand side of the console, and click the “Power Down” button on the touch screen. When the screen says “It is now safe to power down the console,” turn off the Furman power strip.

Troubleshooting: If you are getting no sound through the main speakers, make sure to turn the “Mains” fader up. If you are not getting any sound out of vocal microphones, make sure they are not muted in a group (lower right of the soundboard). If you are getting sound out of the main system but not receiving livestream audio, make sure that the “Stream” button (right side of the console) is not muted (if anything is muted, it will appear red).

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