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Testimony Video Recording Tips

At the completion of the recording for someone’s testimony, have them say the following words about 5 times each with different enunciations. This gives the video editor the ability to string two different phrases together if we need to cut something out.


• SO


Note: It will work best to have some “B” roll to cover up these phrases being patched together. 


after you’re done getting the “AND, SO, BUT”s recorded at the end of your testimonial interview, have the person do the same thing, but with a couple of important words from their story like:

  • The name of the church with different variations and/or lead-in words (“Calvary Assembly”, “Calvary”, “…at Calvary”, “…at Calvary Assembly”, etc.)
  • The name of the ministry they’re involved in (“AdventureKids”, “Kids Ministry”, “…because of Young @ Heart”, etc.)
  • The name(s) of key people in their story (“Steve”, “…my husband Steve”, “Elizabeth”, “…my daughter Elizabeth”, etc.)
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