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Sunday Morning Opening of Worship Guidelines

Vision of this Role:

The opening worship ministry moment is an opportunity to welcome our church family (online and in-person), to lead the hearts of our church family into a place of worship and to call attention to the spiritual realities of what is happening in service.

Time Length: 2 minutes

What does leading our church family into a place of worship look like?

Our church family comes from a variety of different weeks’ experiences, and they may be in different head spaces as they come into Sunday morning. As the first person to speak from the front of the room, your role is to call peoples’ hearts back to the purpose of this time- meeting with and worshiping the name of Jesus. This could look different on different Sundays, and I encourage you to creatively lead this moment in the way that God leads you. It’s often beneficial to give people a tangible action step that they can engage with to prepare for worship. A few ideas to get you started:

  • Read a scripture passage focused on worship and give people a moment to center their hearts on worshiping God before we begin worship
  • Draw attention to the vision of that Sunday’s Service (the theme of the message or of the first worship song) and call people to prepare their hearts to worship with those words.
  • Challenge people to physically adjust their posture or step out of their comfort zone as they prepare for worship (I.e. lifting your hands, unfolding arms, etc)
  • Give people the opportunity to pray out loud and ask God to meet with them and speak, and then pray altogether with the church family
  • Call the church family to read a scripture passage together to begin service – if you’re going to do this, let John Iacucci know in advance so that we can have slides ready for this time.
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