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Sunday Morning Close of Worship Guidelines

Close of Worship and Welcome Guidelines

Vision of this Role:

The close of worship and welcome portion of our service is a spiritually sensitive ministry moment in which our entire church can be activated in response to the move of God during our time of worship

Time Length: 3 minutes in Total (2 minutes for the close of worship and prayer, 1 minute for the welcome)

This is a concise time in which we are calling attention to what the Holy Spirit is doing in our church, as opposed to a teaching moment where we are imparting knowledge to our church.

What does “activating the church” look like?

We want to give an invitation for people to move from being consumers and observers, to being participants and vessels. Different people will activate the church in different ways. Some weeks, we may call our entire church to a silent time of reflection on what God is doing in their hearts. Other weeks, we may call the entire church to pray out loud over a situation or over the people sitting around them. Other weeks we may call them to join with us as we pray from the front of the room over a specific situation that God has placed on the heart of our church. There is no formula for what the Holy Spirit might call us to on a week; What’s most important is that we are obedient to what He calls us to do in this moment.

What should I do to prepare?

  1. Pray – Ask God what He is doing in our church family, and how best to activate people in that. When you’re sitting in worship prior to going on stage, ask God to lead your words and be sensitive to what He might be calling to your attention during worship.
  2. Practice – The second portion of this role- Welcoming the church- often involves giving a few reminders to people (such as in-person or online welcome cards, lobby space for any kids who need to step out, etc). This portion is actually what trips most people up more than closing worship. So it’s helpful to stand in front of a mirror or a loved one and practice what you’re going to say beforehand so that when the time comes, you feel comfortable and prepared welcoming our church. The first time that you are going to close worship and welcome everyone, we ask that you either come into church and practice welcoming from the stage or else send in a video of your welcome so that we can see it in advance.
  3. Be upbeat – We want to set a tone at this time that we are happy to see our church family in attendance. The welcome at the close of worship sets the tone for this atmosphere and helps to make all feel welcome.

ABOVE ALL ELSE: This role is about being sensitive to what God is doing in our church, being obedient to His voice, and leading others into His presence.

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