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Sunday Morning Close of Service Guidelines

Closing Service/Sendoff Guidelines

Vision of this Role:

The closing service/sendoff portion of our service is a time to concisely communicate any invitation that needs to be shared with our church family, and sending them off into their week with a blessing and a prayer.

Time Length: 2 minutes in total (1 minute for announcement, 1 minute for prayer)

This is a concise time to communicate vision and invitation, as opposed to a time to pass on information.

What does the “invitation” look like?

  1. Setup – What’s the opportunity? What is the problem being solved, or the question being asked? For instance: what is the opportunity that people need to grow in their faith? What challenges or hurdles do they experience in this?

Example: “One thing that we know is that when God’s people worship Him, our hearts are aligned with His will and God moves in powerful ways. He calls us to worship in spirit and in truth.”

  1. End goal/Result people will experience: What is the vision and goal of the ministry/event/occasion that you’re inviting people to? NOT a step-by-step, but a vision of what can be.

Example: “On November 4th we will be hosting Currents Worship Night. Currents is a time that we set aside to come together and intentionally seek the heart of God in worship. The move of God is tangible in the room, and healing and restoration, renewed passion and vision occurs on these nights.”

  1. What do people need to do to participate? This is a concise on-ramp for anyone interested in responding to the invitation given. Whether a URL, visiting the welcome center, or how to use a resource that was handed out, we want to make sure that we give a clear action step.

Example: “We want you to invite you to come out and worship, and experience God’s presence on November 4th. You can sign up to come to Currents at” 

Prayer/Blessing: The closing prayer is a time to pray over the week that is to come for everyone who is in the room. If possible, make this prayer cohesive with the message/theme of the service. This doesn’t have to be long or elaborate, but it should be intentional for those who are at service in person and online. After the prayer is concluded, make sure that any closing reminders are taken care of and end service by thanking everyone for coming and wishing them a great week. We want to end service with energy!

Overall: The close of service and sendoff position is about vision, invitation, and our church being blessed and of one mind going into the week.

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