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Welcome to our Support Center


Snack Room

SNACK ROOM (approx. 30 minutes)

  • Snack/Water totals for each classroom are determined by the prior weeks check-in counts
  • Snacks/water for the classrooms go in separate bins
  • Glutton free (GF), non-GMO, dairy free snacks & Cheerio boxes are on the left shelf
  • Use the specific labeled glutton free containers (red and blue) for the GF snacks (when placing them in the room; have the gluten free words showing).
  • Okay to mix up the regular snacks for the classrooms except for Leapers; Leapers should all get the same snack
  • Add extra water in each classroom for Sunday School Teacher and Helpers (approx. 4 extra per classroom); the Nursery also gets water for the volunteers


After the 11:00am service (IF time allows – approx. 10 minutes):

  • Gather all the snacks/waters from the classrooms and return them to the Snack room
  • Maintain and organize the Snack room


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