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Setting Up Your Youtube Homepage

Setting Up Your Youtube Homepage

  1. From your Account’s homepage, select “Customize Channel.”

2. Put in a “Welcome Video” – this is the first thing that people who are new to your channel will see when they get to your channel the “doorway” to your page. You will want this video to be concise and contain the vision for your channel and what people will find there.




3.   Scroll down to “Featured Sections.” This is where you will choose what playlists, videos, livestreams, etc will be embedded in your homepage. Whatever it is that you want to draw peoples’ attention to the most should be the first featured item. For our church, this is our “Most Recent Messages” playlist that always contains the message from the past Sunday. To add a section, click “Add section” and you can choose what playlist/video/stream you want to be featured. To move an item up or down on your homepage, click and drag the item using the two lines on the far left.

4.   Under “Branding,” you can select both your Youtube profile logo and the background image that will be shown when people get to your channel. Make sure to pay attention to the dimension requirements for each item.

5. Under “Basic Info,” you can put in your website URL, basic info about your organization, and a contact email.


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