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Service Producing & Oversight Sunday Checklist

Pre Service (Arrive time: 7:45am)

  • Touch base with slides and sound and let them know you’re available to help. Ask if any areas they would specifically like any assistance for the morning.
  • BGV Vocalists all standing in the lights (not too far back on stage). Check that vocals are spread out evenly (continuity of stage – not bunched to one side or another)
  • Check for any unnecessary clutter on stage, such as loose cables. Check that carpet looks clean (if not have facilities grab a vacuum)
  • Lighting cues – Test it. Everything all good?
  • Talk to slides person if you are running lights or them. Either way, let them know you’ll be working together, so if they know of a lighting cue coming up, they can remind you – and if you see a slides thing to be thinking of, you can remind them
  • Check the first slides of every section to see if they cue the timer on the back screen 
  • Check all grammar on sermon slides.
  • Check grammar on worship slides. 
  • No “oh’s”, parenthesis, or Australian spelling of words (they add a “u” in some words).
  • Get slides points and verses loaded before each verse and slide point. Insert title slide throughout (so on longer sections it can go back to the main point).
  • Interpreting – be available if they have a question so it doesn’t have to just be sound person helping.
  • Make sure backstage hall lights are OFF.
  • Closing song check – if not in PCO or ProPresenter, be sure the slides person knows what it is and is ready.
  • If service is already going, text a couple people on the worship team to ask. Also, ensure they are clear on the order. Note: if you change the order on the closing song, it will change the original, so don’t do that. Just know where to start.
  • New Person/Family – if you see someone new, introduce yourself. 
  • If kids don’t have stickers, let them know about our kids church offered if they want to utilize it.
  • Let new families know about Nursing Mothers room (feel free to walk them over there)check that the TVs are on in the lobby, for the interpreter TV screen, and in the mother’s room.
  • for the lobby TV, have volume muted for prayer huddle and turned back up to 30 volume.

During Service

  • Be on the lookout for any problems and how to solve them.
  • Make sure slides are firing at the right time for whole service. If slow or too fast, give the slides person feedback to adjust it. Remember, the goal is worship engagement, so timing matters!
  • Chairs – if we are at 90% full (less than 4 sets of chairs left) and people are still coming in, look ahead and text/grab a facilities person on call to start putting chairs out.
  • After 1st song – double check the doors have been closed
  • Ensure Elder on Duty has taken attendance (during message)

End of Service:

  • Shades go up as soon as closing person says “amen, have a great day”.
  • Music from computer as people exit. Timing on this is key, as we want it to fade in as soon as person says “have a great day”. First, double check with sound person that music fader is down. Second, have slides person start music in iTunes. Then give sound person thumbs up that it’s ready to fade in whenever they are ready.
  • Make sure exit doors are opened (during closing prayer). Typically an elder will do this, but you are the double check.

Service Producing Checklist & Notes (Printable with checkboxes)

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