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Scheduling Speaking Team in PCO

Scheduling Speaking Team in PCO

1. Send people a Blockout reminder to schedule in the next four days
2. Initial Scheduling 3 Weeks before time block
-Use guide, announcements schedule, and time off blackouts
-Send the schedule to Jonathan, as well as answer these questions:
Is there anything, in particular, I should be aware of? Such as “wasn’t able to get this person as much or got this person in extra” type of thing?
Did you hear back from everyone that they either entered in their availability (i.e submitted block-out dates or emailed you back with the “I have no block-out dates”)? Does anyone, need to track down availability before we send out the invites? (I’d look to you to try to text them if you haven’t already).
Highlight anything out of the ordinary for announcements, services, etc
3. Send an email reminder for scheduling requests
4. Follow up with those who haven’t responded

Week Of:
-Confirm with the prayer huddle person each week (Wed or Thurs) that they are all set to lead the prayer huddle.
-Confirm opening of worship. Point them to connect with Iacucci to be on the same page for the vision of opening the service.

-Confirm offering (do this only if it is someone that isn’t Jonathan or PB)
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