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Running sound for a funeral – What you need to know

If you are planning on running sound for a funeral, it’s important that you know the following things about using our sound system at Calvary:

  1. Turning on the sound system: See this wiki article for “Turning the Sound Board on/off”. Make sure that you open “Waves soundgrid” on the desktop computer so that the vocal microphones work!
  2. Unmute the house speakers: Make sure that the “Vox” button on the bottom right of the board is not muted (not lit up red), and use the “Mains” fader (far right, red background) to control the overall volume in the auditorium.
  3. Speaker Microphone fader channels: Make sure that “Bank 2” (the center section of faders on the soundboard) is set to “A” as shown below. Your faders for vocal microphones are listed as “Speak 5” and “Speak 6” with a blue background on the board. Moving these faders up and down will adjust the volume of the speaker microphones. The microphones themselves are numbered “5” and “6” and can be found in the backstage worship room.
  4. Use “Playback” to adjust music: If you are running music from the Propresenter iMac, use the channel listed as “Playbk” in the right section of faders to control the volume of the music and/or videos.
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