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Resource Room Checklist

RESOURCE ROOM (approx. 45 minutes)
  • Arrive: The Resource Room Team should be at the Resource Room by 8:00am
  • Check-In Carts: Wheel the four Check-In carts out to the Lobby (unplug the charging cables from the iPad & Printer)
  • Balloons: Inflate 8 Mylar balloons and attach 2 balloons to each check-in cart in Lobby
  • Print Lists: Print out two copies of the AdventureKids In-Person List and one copy of the classroom curriculum for each of the classes (Either for the 9:00am or 11:00am service depending on which service the team is covering; or both if covering both)
  • Deliver Snack List: Please deliver one copy of the registration list to the Snack Team so they can plan appropriate amount of snacks/water for the classes
  • Classroom Info: Refer to the clipboard or here for the list of all class names, ages, and room numbers
  • Review Registration Count: Review the registration list to determine how many kids will be attending the service in each classroom
  • Prepare Crafts/Activities: Review each classroom activities list to prepare appropriate craft items needed (Example: coloring pages and crayons; craft with craft example and items needed to complete the craft)
  • Craft Food Items: If a food item is needed for a craft, put the food item in a separate container (there are red containers for these food items)
  • Final Review: Verify classrooms are prepped and ready


  • Bins can be used to carry the curriculum and crafts to each classroom for each service (blue handled bins are for 9:00am service; purple handled bins are for 11:00am service)
  • NOTE: Bins are not needed if there are no kids registered for a classroom
  • The bins are to be left in the classroom for teachers to add any toys that will need to be sanitized – these bins will remain in the classroom
  • NOTE: If there are toys in a bin after the 9:00am service, bring the bin into the Resource Room and it will be returned to the classroom after the 11:00am service so the items in it can be sanitized
  • If there are no items to be sanitized, the bins can be used to gather up the curriculum and craft items to take back to the Resource Room after the service is done



(IF time allows – approx. 30 minutes)

  • White Boards: Erase any white boards in the classroom
  • TVs: Turn off all TV’s and lights in the classrooms
  • Return Supplies: Return empty bins, curriculum, craft items to the Resource Room
  • Crayons: Open any closed bag of crayons and put these opened bags in the green bin designated for used crayons
  • Bins: Place stacked bins (according to the colored handles) back in their original area


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