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Leading Prayer Huddle – Vision and Guidelines

Vision of this Role:

Prayer Huddle Vision and Guidelines

The prayer huddle is a moment before our services where our staff and volunteers center our hearts on the presence of God and the vision for the service prior to anything else that is going to happen in the day.

Time Length: 7-10 minutes in total

We want to be intentional about spending time seeking God together and focusing on His presence, and also give people enough time to get to their serving positions before people come through the doors.

What does leading this time look like?

  1. Start your prayer huddle with a short, challenging thought or a central vision for the day. This locks people into a focus going into the prayer huddle time and prepares them to engage with the service afterwards. What is the main vision that you want people to take away as they serve? You may choose to do this using the message theme, a worship song we will be singing, a focus as they serve or a separate thought that you share.
  2. Use an energized tone/inflection and raise the volume of your voice while you speak. This is a simple thing that will make a big difference in the energy level and engagement of the huddle.
  3. Give people something active to do. We want our volunteers and staff to lean into what God is doing and participate on the front end in seeking His will. We believe there is power in praying out loud and hearing your own voice speak to God. This could look different depending on the week, but a few options include:
    1. Having people spread out and pray out loud over specific seats in the auditorium for the people who will sit there
    2. Asking people to call a specific person to their mind who they want to see come to know God, and pray out loud for them
    3. Having volunteers from specific ministries pray over their teams
    4. Having people pray out loud declaring the goodness of God and thanking Him for His love.
    5. Calling everyone to worship together with a short song.
    6. Having a few leaders pray out loud over the service and all who will be attending in-person and online.
  4. Close with a prayer and a rallying cry. Prepare a non-awkward way to get people involved in the closing of the prayer huddle – it could be as simple as a “and all God’s people shouted AMEN” at the end of a prayer, but find something for people to rally behind as the prayer huddle ends. Then send them off to serve with excitement!

Logistics/Things to Keep in mind:

  • The prayer huddle will begin promptly at 8:30 am. People will begin to congregate at 8:28 in the auditorium, andyou can invite people to circle up
  • While speaking, stand in the middle of the circle. As long as you are 12 feet away from everyone, you can remove your mask while speaking to be heard betterOverall: This is a time to draw people who are serving into the mission of Calvary Assembly: A safe place for all people to find faith, friends, and their future. Thank you for serving!
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