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KidsMin Resource Notes

  • Tell Resource Team to only use Original (Plain) Cheerios in Nursery¬† Sent text to Resource Team on 11/3/21
  • Cheerios to be shared: only a handful of Cheerios per child – make sign for volunteers
  • Use Spark’s Whirl Curriculum for all of NOV & DEC
  • Start writing FEB Bible Stories (NOV will become JAN)
  • Christmas Play practice starts Sunday, Nov 2nd. Kids participating will go into KidsMin right away. Kids not participating will remain as usual and be dismissed after worship. Will change around if needed.
  • Planning activity night for Nov 10th Brigade Father & Son night: Pine Wood Derby
  • Making booklets and getting decorations for the Pine Wood Derby

Father Son Night Tasks:

  • Can you find the hammers?
  • Get Lego Figurines
  • Cover Tables with Butcher Block Paper
  • Help (along with Deb) fold and staple Father Son Booklets
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