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Hosting an online service on live.rCalvary (with a host or admin account)

When you log in to your account, you’ll see the screen I’ve attached a picture of below. During the week, the sermon from the previous week plays. On Sunday mornings, you’ll see the live stream of the service in that video window.
The “Public Chat” section is where you can see what people are saying in the chat on Sunday mornings. When you post on it, you’ll see the word “Host” pop up next to your name, to let everyone know you’re the host of the service. For more guidance on how to moderate/host a Sunday morning online chat, see the article titled “Online Service Host Statements,” which features the benchmark points in a service where hosts make comments and some example comments that you can use in those moments. The focuses of public chat space are community and application– interaction with people in the chat to ask them questions and give them a space to share what they’re processing within the service, and posing questions and application steps relating to the message.
The section listed as “Host Chat” is where you may see a message pop up during service that would say “____ has requested prayer.” This is a feature of the host tools where viewers can click a button to start a conversation. You’ll have the option to accept their prayer request, and then a separate chat will be opened up underneath the video feed (the section currently listed as “Audience”).
In this separate chat, you can let the person know that you are now in a private window, and ask them how they are doing. This will start a conversation in which they can share safely what it is that they are desiring to receive prayer for. Not everyone will respond when you reach out to them in this chat, but some will, and I encourage you to type out your prayers for them so that you guys can pray together digitally.
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