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Editing a worship slide text


How to edit the text in a worship slide in Propresenter

  1. Click “Reflow” in the upper left hand corner of Propresenter (shown above).
  2. Scroll through and find the lyric that you want to change, then change it
    1. NOTE: Changing a lyric will change that lyric every time that it comes up in the slides. So if you change a chorus lyric, it will be changed in every chorus throughout the song.
    2. If you want to change one specific chorus lyric and not have it be changed every time the chorus plays, click the arrow on the right side of the reflow screen at that section and change the “Label” to “Chorus 2” to create a new chorus from that section. Then, any additions you make will be on “Chorus 2” instead of “Chorus.”
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