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Creating AdventureKids In-Person Lists

Step 1: Open Safari (web browser)

Step 2: Choose the Planning Center People bookmark

If you don’t see the bookmark, you can always type in in the url search bar.

Step 3: Click Lists from the top menu

Step 4: Click on the New List button to create a new list

Step 5: Click on the edit button to rename the “Untitled” list

Note the naming convention we use:

       MONTH WEEK# AdventureKids Registrations (Time)

Click the Save button when you are done renaming the list. (Don’t forget to save!)

Step 6: Create the Rule

6a. Click no the Add Rule Button.

6b. Choose Registrations in the dropdown menu

6c: Choose the following options

  • “named attend for”
  • “a specific event”
  • Choose your event
  • “with an attendee type of”
  • choose the service time (9am or 11am)

6d: Click submit when you are done

Step 7: Repeat Steps 1-6 to create your list for the 11am service


To print your list follow the directions in our Print AdventureKids In-Person Lists article





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