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If there are no issues listed on that page for the day and timeframe you experienced slowness, then that points to the issue being your network connection locally.

Would you check with your IT team and see if there is anything they can do to optimize your network for Check-Ins? There are quite a few ways they can configure your network to accomplish this. The route your team goes will be dependent on your current set-up and your team’s preferences. What we see most often is either giving your Check-Ins devices priority on your network or setting up a closed network that only those devices have access to. This will prevent having to share your connection with anyone else that may be in the building.

In terms of speed, the most important thing is that you have a strong connection. We’ve been really intentional about creating Check-Ins in a way that minimizes the needed bandwidth to run it. The trouble is if your connection isn’t strong (signal is easily dropped) you’ll run into connectivity issues. If you have slow, steady internet, you’ll have a better experience than some with a fast internet connection that drops sporadically.

If you want to see exactly what’s happening on your network, IT can use a tool called Wireshark to monitor all the network traffic

Things to check on your network:

Is your WiFi network managed or unmanaged?
Is your network open to the public?
How close is the closest access point?
Does this happen during the week, or only on Sundays?
Are other ministries using the network to download or stream content?
We also need constant access to the following sites: External Sites Needed for Check-Ins

In summary, it’s best if the Check-Ins devices are given priority on a closed, managed network and are in close proximity to access points/routers.

Brother printer specific things to check for:

Brother printers can only be on a 2.4Ghz channel for the WiFi connection
Edit your Wireless Network and under the Advanced Options, Uncheck Block LAN to WLAN Multicast and Broadcast Data
Using the Brother Admin pages (from a computer on the same WiFi go to https://. You can find the IP address from the Check-Ins App > Printer Settings screen if you are connected to the printer. Login and go to the Printer Settings tab:
Communication Settings: The default setting for 810/820 Brother printers includes an ‘infrastructure and direct’ option. You can manually reconfigure the printers to turn off the direct option and only have ‘infrastructure or ad-hoc’ options. The direct option makes the printer a ‘hotspot’ and that can interfere with performance.
Power Settings: change the Auto Power field for your power source to None. This will prevent the printer from going into a ‘sleep mode’ that loses the connection.
For Brother 820NWB only, If you are using Bluetooth to connect but have a good, stable WiFi – use WiFi to connect instead as it is faster

Testing your devices on another network to see how if you have the same issues or not can also verify if the issue is your campus network or something else.

As for your inquiry about bluetooth, you can definitely use bluetooth to connect! Here are the instructions:

The Bluetooth connection needs to be enabled on the printer:
Press [Menu] to enter the settings »
Go to option ‘Bluetooth’ with the [▲][▼] buttons and press [OK] »
Option ‘Bluetooth (On/Off)’ is selected, press [OK] »
Choose option ‘On’ with the [▲][▼] buttons and press [OK]

Next, enable Automatic Reconnection for Bluetooth:
Go to option ‘Bluetooth’ with the [▲][▼] buttons and press [OK] »
Go to option ‘Automatic Reconnection’ with the [▲][▼] buttons and press [OK] »
Choose option ‘On’ with the [▲][▼] buttons and press [OK]

Now, pair with your iOS or Android device by going into Settings > Bluetooth and pairing to the Brother 820NWB printer. Do not rename the printer. If you cannot get the device to say ‘connected’ try turning the printer off and on again. Only one device can be paired with the printer at one time. If you are paired with another device (even if that device is powered off now) you’ll need to go into the originally paired device’s Bluetooth settings and choose to ‘Forget this device’.

I hope that helps! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions. I’d be happy to answer them for you!
Aimee Scott
Customer Support
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