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Auditorium & Livestream Audio Setup

1. Basic Troubleshooting

A. Quit and Re-open ProPresenter

B. Quit and Re-open Loopback software

C. Reboot the iMac

D. Confirm both USB Audio Devices are plugged into the iMac (they should show up on the Loopback Screen)

2. Check Settings in Loopback Software

Note: iTunes uses the main system audio.


3. Check the Settings in ProPresenter

A. Right Click on the slide and choose Inspector

B. Click on the Audio Tab


C. Click on Channel Routing…

D. In ProPresenter > Preferences > Audio: Set the Main Device to “Loopback Audio”

E. Choose the correct settings for the audio routing:

Option 1: Audio routed to both Main Auditorium and Livestream

Option 2: Audio routed to only the Main Auditorium

Option C: Audio routed to only the Livestream

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