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Welcome to our Support Center


AdventureKids Service Director

This article includes the responsibilities for the AdventureKids Service Director.


Excellence Walkthrough (Start by 8am)

HALLWAYS (2 Floors)
    • Ensure Digital Signage TVs are on and showing correct info
      • Remotes can be found in volunteer room on bookshelf (red basket)
    • Stocked with soap, paper towels, toilet paper
    • Trash cans relatively empty
    • Restrooms are clean
      • See Facilities Team if any concerns
    • Livestream Feed on TV with sound volume on but low
    • Volunteer TV is on (power button is on bottom – left-most button)
    • Room is clean
    • Coffee & Coffee Supplies available
    • Donuts available
      • See Hospitality Team in main kitchen with donuts/coffee concerns


    • Projector is on and showing appropriate Live Stream Image
    • Speakers are on and sound is at appropriate level
    • Only Back set of Lights are on and dimmed to appropriate level
    • TVs are on and remote available
    • Plex app on TV is open and today’s video plays (please test)
      • If today’s video is not showing up, use the remote to navigate to the folder (for example, AdventureKids), then click the 3 little dots, and choose Scan for Library files
      • Verify the Screen Game from the lesson is showing up. (Follow same step above if it is missing)
    • Room is clean
    • Whiteboards are all cleaned and dry erase markers available
    • Lesson Plan is printed and on table for Volunteers
      • Check with Resource Team if missing
    • All lesson supplies are ready (and prepared for individual students)
      • Check with Resource Team if missing
    • Cleaning Bucket and Checklist are available in each room
    • Volunteer Name badges are on table 
LOBBY (Check-In Stations)
    • All 4 Mobile Check In Carts are spaced out in Lobby
    • iPad is on and Check-Ins app is open to correct event
    • Check-Ins app is connected to the printer 
    • Perform Test Label print
    • Printer has decent amount of labels for the service
    • Backup labels are available 
    • Carts are clutter free

When the “excellence walk” is completed indoors, go to the parking lot and walk in to the building. Imagine you’re a parent bringing your child for the first time: Does anything stand out? 

Does the children’s ministry area look: 

    • Clean? 
    • Safe?
    • Engaging? 
    • Welcoming?

Yes? Congratulations! Your kids area looks excellent!

Volunteer Connection (Start by 8:45am)


    • Grab both Support Pagers from the volunteer room
      • Early Childhood
      • Gradeschool (coming soon)
    • Review the Volunteer Display in Volunteer Room for any possible volunteer shortages
    • Touch Base with Support Team
      • Early Childhood
      • Grade School
      • Ensure they are able to check-in on their rooms
    • Check in with each classroom volunteer team
      • Encourage
      • Answer any questions
      • Ensure they have everything they need
      • Remind them they can page you


    • Stand near the AdventureKids Entrance at beginning of service and at Kids Release
    • Welcome Kids & Families and help direct them to classrooms
    • Once all the classes are set, you can:
      • Roam around to check in on rooms
      • Hang out in the volunteer room and wait for a page
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