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AdventureKids Curriculum Monthly Themes


March 2023

Leapers/Hikers: Year 1 March – God’s Wonderful Gift – Unit 3

February 2024

Leapers/Hikers: Year 1 February – Through The Roof – Unit 2

January 2024

Leapers/Hikers: Year 1 January – The First Sin – Unit 1

December 2023

Leapers/Hikers: Year 2 December – A First Christmas Gift: Always with us Unit 24

November 2023

Leapers/Hikers: Year 2 November – A voice in the Night Unit 23

Grade School W1: 

Bible Story:

Bible Point:

Bible Story:


Grade School W2:

Bible Story:

Bible Point:

Bible Story:


Grade School W3:

Bible Story:

Bible Point:

Bible Story:


Grade School W4:

Bible Story:

Bible Point:

Bible Story:


October 2023

Leapers/Hikers: Year 2 October – A Roaring Rescue Unit 22

Grade School W1: 

Bible Story: Peter Walks on Water – Crosstown Week 17

Bible Point: Jesus can do the impossible

Bible Story: Matthew 14:22-33

Verse: Jeremiah 32:17 NIRV Lord and King, you have reached out your great and powerful arm. You have made the heavens and the earth. Nothing is too hard for you.

Grade School W2: 

Bible Story W2: Jesus Washes Feet – Crosstown week 10

Bible Point: We should Love like Jesus loves

Bible Story: John 13: 1-7

Verse: John 13:34 I give you a new command. Love one another. You must love one another, just as I have loved you.

Grade School W3: 

Bible Story W3: Jesus at Simon’s House – Crosstown week 9

Bible Point: Jesus can forgive us of ALL our sins

Bible Story: Luke 7:36-50

Verse: 1 John 1:9 But God is faithful and fair. If we confess our sins, he will forgive our sins. He will forgive every wrong thing we have done. He will make us pure.

Grade School W4: 

Bible Story W4: Jesus Raises Lazarus – Crosstown week 28

Bible Point: Jesus is calling you to a new life, a life following Him

Bible Story: John 11:38-44

Verse: Romans 10:9  Say with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord.” Believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead. Then you will be saved.

Grade School W5: 

Bible Story W5: Jesus Prays in the Garden – crosstown week 15

Bible Point: We should make choices that honor Jesus

Bible Story: Matthew 26:36-56

Verse: Titus 3:1 – Remind God’s people to obey rulers and authorities. Remind them to be ready to do what is good.

September 2023


Bible Story W1: God Frees His People – crosstown week 6


Bible Story: Exodus 14

Verse: exodus 14:13 Moses answered the people. He said, “Don’t be afraid. Stand firm. You will see how the Lord will save you today. Do you see those Egyptians? You will never see them again.

Bible Story W2: Water, Manna, and Quail ***have a craft – crosstown week 7


Bible Story: Exodus 16

Verse: Psalm 31:14 – But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.”

Bible Story W3: Tent of Meeting – Crosstown week 8


Bible Story: Exodus 33:7-11

Verse: Psalm 145:18 NIV – The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

Bible Story W4: The Miracles of Jesus – crosstown week 13


Bible Story: various, walking on water, healing boys, etc

Verse: 1 Timothy 4:12 – Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young. Set an example for the believers in what you say and in how you live. Also set an example in how you love and in what you believe. Show the believers how to be pure.

August 2023


Bible Story W1: Adam and Eve – Crosstown week 2


Bible Story: Genesis 2-3

Verse: Isaiah 59: 2 NIRV But your sins have separated you from your God. They have caused him to turn his face away from you. So he won’t listen to you.

Bible Story W2: The Woman at the Well *** have a craft – crosstown week 3


Bible Story: John 4

Verse: Philippians 4:19 NIRV My God will meet all your needs. He will meet them in keeping with his wonderful riches. These riches come to you because you belong to Christ Jesus.

Bible Story W3: Elijah and the Widow – crosstown week 4


Bible Story: 1 Kings 17:7-16

Verse: Psalm 147:5 NIRV Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.

Bible Story W4: Naboth’s Vineyard – crosstown week 5


Bible Story: 1 Kings 21

Verse: Colossians 3:2 NIRV Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

July 2023 –  


Bible Story W1: The Holy Spirit

Bible Point: The Holy Spirit lives in us and gives us power

Bible Story: Acts 2

Verse: Romans 15:19 NIRV – He has given me power to do signs and wonders. I can do these things by the power of the Spirit of God.

Bible Story W2: Ten Commandments

Bible Point: Honor God by following his Commandments

Bible Story: Exodus 20

Verse: Ephesians 6:1 NIRV – Children, obey your parents as believers in the Lord. Obey them because it’s the right thing to do.

Bible Story W3: Elisha’s Servant Sees Angels

Bible Point: God opens our eyes to help us see what he sees

Bible Story: 2 Kings 6

Verse: 2 Kings 6:17 – And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

Bible Story W4: Jesus Feeds 5000

Bible Point: A relationship with Jesus will fill us up and leave us fulfilled

Bible Story: Matthew 14:13-21

Verse: John 6:35 – Then Jesus said, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry. And whoever believes in me will never be thirst

Bible Story W5: Creation ***have a craft

Bible Point: We are created in God’s image

Bible Story: Genesis 1-4

Verse: Psalm 139:14 – How you made me is amazing and wonderful. I praise you for that. What you have done is wonderful.  I know that very well.

June 2023

Bible Story W1: Mary Meets the Risen Jesus

Bible Point: Jesus is Alive

Bible Story: John 20:1-18

Verse: Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news. She said, “I have seen the Lord!” And she told them that he had said these things to her. – John 20:18 (NIrV)

Bible Story W2: The Road to Emmaus

Bible Point: Open Our Eyes and Ears to Jesus

Bible Story: Luke 24:13-35

Verse: But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. – Matthew 13:16 (NIrV)


Bible Story W3: The Life of Jesus

Bible Point: Be a light to others

Bible Story: Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine so others can see it. Then they will see the good things you do. And they will bring glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Verse: Various – Jesus ministry – teaching others about God, doing Miracles – taught, healed, gave, served, and rescued people – healed blind man, healed man who couldn’t walk, walked on water, calmed storm, cast out demons, etc

Bible Story W4: The Early Church

Bible Point: Honor Jesus through your choices

Bible Story: Acts

Verse: 1 Timothy 3:15 NIRV – Then if I have to put off my visit, you will know how you should act in God’s family. The family of God is the church of the living God. It is the pillar and foundation of the truth.

May 2023

Bible Story W1: Mary Anoints Jesus’ Feet

Bible Point: Honor Jesus and Show Him Love

Bible Story: John 12:1-8

Verse: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your strength. – Deuteronomy 6:5 (NIrV)

Bible Story W2: Jesus Washes the Disciple’s Feet

Bible Point: Jesus Teaches Us to Serve Others

Bible Story: John 13:1-30

Verse: God’s gifts of grace come in many forms. Each of you has received a gift in order to serve others. You should use it faithfully. – 1 Peter 4:10 (NIrV)

Bible Story W3: Jesus has a Last Supper with His Friends

Bible Point: We Remember Jesus’ Sacrifice 

Bible Story: Mark 14:12-26

Verse:While they were eating, Jesus took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take it; this is my body.” Then he took a cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, and they all drank from it. “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many,” he said to them. – Mark 14:22-24 (NIrV) 

Bible Story W4: Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane

Bible Point: We can trust Jesus, even when we’re afraid.

Bible Story: Matthew 26:36-56

Verse: When I’m afraid, I put my trust in you. – Psalm 56:3 (NIrV)

April 2023

Bible Story W1: The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Bible Point: Love Others as Jesus Loves us

Bible Story: Luke 10:25-37

Verse: He answered, “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your strength and with all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ ” – Luke 10:27 (NIrV) 

Bible Story W2: Mary, Martha, and Jesus

Bible Point: Spending Time With Jesus is the Most Important Thing

Bible Story: Luke 10:38-42

Verse: He answered, “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your strength and with all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ ”    Luke 10:27 (NIrV) 

Bible Story W3: Jesus Raises Lazarus

Bible Point: God Always Hears Us

Bible Story: John 11:1-44

Verse: Here is what we can be sure of when we come to God in prayer. If we ask anything in keeping with what he wants, he hears us.- 1 John 5:14 (NIrV) 

Bible Story W4: The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Bible Point: God Always Forgives Us

Bible Story: Luke 15:11-32

Verse: But God is faithful and fair. If we confess our sins, he will forgive our sins. He will forgive every wrong thing we have done. He will make us pure.- 1 John 1:9 (NIrV)

Bible Story W5: Zacchaeus the Tax Collector

Bible Point: Jesus Saves the Lost

Bible Story: Luke 19:1-10

Verse: The Son of Man came to look for the lost and save them. – Luke 19:10 NIRV

March 2023

Bible Story W1: Peter Recognizes Jesus as the Messiah

Bible Point: Spending time with Jesus helps us know who he is

Bible Story: Mark 8:27-30; Matthew 16:17

Verse:“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”  Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.” – Mark 8:29 (NIrV) 

Bible Story W2: The Transfiguration of Jesus

Bible Point: Jesus is the Son of God

Bible Story: Luke 9:28-36

Verse: A voice came from the cloud. It said, “This is my Son, and I have chosen him. Listen to him.”- Luke 9:35 (NIrV) 

Bible Story W3: Jesus Rescues a Woman

Bible Point: Jesus Forgives Our Sins

Bible Story: John 8:1-11

Verse: But God is faithful and fair. If we confess our sins, he will forgive our sins. He will forgive every wrong thing we have done. He will make us pure. – 1 John 1:9 (NIrV) 

Bible Story W4: Jesus Heals A Man Born Blind

Bible Point: God Can Use Every Situation For His Glory

Bible Story: John 9

Verse: All things come from him. All things are directed by him. All things are for his praise. May God be given the glory forever! Amen. – Romans 11:36 (NIrV) 

February 2023

Bible Story W1: Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

Bible Point: Jesus Supplies All Our Needs

Bible Story: John 6:1-15

Verse: My God will meet all your needs. He will meet them in keeping with his wonderful riches. These riches come to you because you belong to Christ Jesus. –  Philippians 4:19 (NIrV) 

Bible Story W2: Jesus Walks on water

Bible Point: Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Bible Story: Matthew 14:22-33

Verse: “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage. I am here!” –  Matthew 14:27b 

Bible Story W3: Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter

Bible Point: Our Faith Can Overcome Fear

Bible Story: Mark 5:21-43

Verse: Here is what I am commanding you to do. Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be with you everywhere you go. – Joshua 1:9 (NIrV)

Bible Story W4: John the Baptist

Bible Point: Do what is right, even when it’s hard

Bible Story: Matthew 14:1-12; Mark 6:13-29

Verse: Let us not become tired of doing good. At the right time we will gather a crop if we don’t give up. – Galations 6:9 (NIrV)

January 2023 – alternate curriculum

Bible Story W1: The Golden Calf

Bible Point: Where sin is great, God’s grace is greater

Bible Story: Exodus 32

Verse:God, create a pure heart in me.  Give me a new spirit that is faithful to you.- Psalm 51:10 (NIrV)

Bible Story W2: Samson and Delilah

Bible Point: Every day I make choices that honor Jesus

Bible Story: Judges 16:4-22

Verse: If any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He will give it to you. God gives freely to everyone and doesn’t find fault.- James 1:5 (NIrV) 

Bible Story W3: Jacob and Esau

Bible Point: Jesus equips us to resolve conflict

Bible Story: Genesis 25-27

Verse: I give you a new command. Love one another. You must love one another, just as I have loved you. – John 13:34 (NIrV) 

Bible Story W4: Elijah Fed by Ravens


Bible Story: 1 Kings 17:2-6

Verse: I know the plans I have for you,” announces the Lord. “I want you to enjoy success. I do not plan to harm you. I will give you hope for the years to come. – Jeremiah 29:11 (NIrV) 

Bible Story W5: God Appears to Elijah


Bible Story: 1 Kings 19

Verse: Evening, morning and noon I groan and cry out. And he hears my voice. –  Psalm 55:17 (NIrV) 

December 2022 – alternate curriculum

Year Blue, Winter

Dec W1 – Lesson 14 – Jesus Heals 10 with Leprosy


Bible Story: Luke 17:11-19

Bible Verse: There is no Jew or Gentile. There is no slave or free person. There is no male or female. That’s because you are all one in Christ Jesus. –  Galatians 3:28 (NIrV) 

Dec W2 – Christmas Play Prep

Dec W3 – Christmas Play Lesson

Dec W4 – Christmas Special – Lesson 4 -Jesus is born

Nov 2022 – alternate curriculum – Whirl classroom- Year Gold – Fall

Year Blue, Winter

Nov W1 – Lesson 10 – Jesus Turns water to wine


Bible Story: John 2:1-22

Bible Verse: And God is able to shower all kinds of blessings on you. So in all things and at all times you will have everything you need. You will do more and more good works. –  2 Corinthians 9:8 (NIrV) 

Nov W2 – Lesson 11  – Mary and Martha


Bible Verse: Holy brothers and sisters, God chose you to be his people. So keep thinking about Jesus. We embrace him as our apostle and our high priest. –  Hebrews 3:1 (NIrV) 

Bible Chapter: Luke 10:38-42

Nov W3 – Lesson 12  – Jesus raises Lazarus


Bible Verse: The Lord is close to those whose hearts have been broken.  He saves those whose spirits have been crushed. – Psalm 34:18 (NIrV) 

Bible Chapter: John 11:1-45

Nov W4 – Lesson 13 – Lost Sheep and Coin


Bible Verse: The Lord and King says, “I myself will search for my sheep. I will look after them. –  Ezekiel 34:11 (NIrV) 

Bible Chapter: Luke 15: 1-10

October 2022

Bible Story W1: Jesus Calls the First Disciples

Bible Point: We are Called to follow Jesus

Bible Story: Luke 5:1-11

Verse: “Come and follow me,” Jesus said. “I will send you out to fish for people.” Matthew 4:19 (NIRV)

Bible Story W2: Jesus Changes Water Into Wine

Bible Point: Look for the everyday miracles

Bible Story: John 2:1-11

Bible Story W3: Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man

Bible Point: Choose friends who love like Jesus

Bible Story: Mark 2:1-12

Bible Story W4: Jesus Talks to a Samaritan Woman

Bible Point: Jesus Loves and Uses Imperfect People

Bible Story: John 4:4-42

Verse: But he said to me, “My grace is all you need. My power is strongest when you are weak.” So I am very happy to brag about how weak I am. Then Christ’s power can rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9 (NIRV)

Bible Story W5: Jesus Calms a Storm

Bible Point: Storms Show Us Who Jesus Is

Bible Story: Matthew 8:23-27

Verse: The disciples were amazed. They asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!” Matthew 8:27 (NIRV)

September 2022

Bible Story W1: Jesus Gets Lost in the Temple

Bible Point: God is Our Home

Bible Story: Luke 2:41-52

Verse: Lord, from the very beginning you have been like a home to us.– Psalm 90:1 (NIRV)

Bible Story W2: John the Baptist Announces Jesus

Bible Point: I Can Have a New Life in Jesus

Bible Story: Matthew 3:1-12

Verse: When anyone lives in Christ, the new creation has come. The old is gone! The new is here! – 2 Corinthians 5:17 ( NIRV)

Bible Story W3: Jesus is Baptized

Bible Point: When God Calls You, He Will Qualify You

Bible Story: Mark 1:9-11; Matthew 3:13-17

Verse: In ourselves we are not able to claim anything for ourselves. The power to do what we do comes from God. 2 Corinthians 3:5 (NIRV)

Bible Story W4: Jesus is Tempted in the Wilderness

Bible Point: The Bible Helps Us Overcome Temptation

Bible Story: Luke 4:1-13; Matthew 4:1-11

Verse: You are tempted in the same way all other human beings are. God is faithful. He will not let you be tempted any more than you can take. But when you are tempted, God will give you a way out. Then you will be able to deal with it. 1 Corinthians 10:13 (NIRV)

August 2022

Bible Story W1: Paul Is Shipwrecked

Bible Point: God Gives Us Courage

Bible Story: Acts 27:1-28:15

Bible Verse: Here is what I am commanding you to do. Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be with you everywhere you go.– Joshua 1:9 (NIRV)

Bible Story W2: Paul Preaches In Rome

Bible Point: You Can Share Your Faith

Bible Story: Acts 28:16-31

Bible Verse: He said to them, “Go into all the world. Preach the good news to everyone.– Mark 16:15(NIRV)

Bible Story W3: Jesus Is Taken to the Temple

Bible Point: Waiting for God Is Always Worth It

Bible Story: Luke 2:22-40

Bible Verse: Wait for the Lord.  Be strong and don’t lose hope.  Wait for the Lord. – Psalm 27:14(NIRV)

Bible Story W4: Joseph, Mary and Jesus Escape to Egypt

Bible Point: Obedience makes our faith grow big

Bible Story: Matthew 2:13-23

Bible Verse: Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them. We will come to them and make our home with them. – John 14:23(NIRV)

July 2022 – alternate curriculum – Whirl classroom
Year Gold -Winter

July W1 – Lesson 12 – Jesus Calms The Storm – Mark 4:35-41

July W2 – Lesson 13 – The Widow’s offering – Mark 12 41-44

July W3 – Lesson 14 – The Transfiguration – Luke 9:28-36

Year Blue, Winter

July W4 – Lesson 8 – Jesus walks on Water – Matthew 14:22-33

July W5 – Lesson 9 – The parable of the Vineyard – Matthew 20:1-16

June 2022

Bible Story W1: Peter’s Escape From Prison

Bible Point: There’s Power in Prayer

Bible Story: Acts 12:1-17

Bible Verse: So Peter was kept in prison. But the church prayed hard to God for him. – Acts 12:5 (NIRV)

Bible Story W2: The Council in Jerusalem

Bible Point: It’s Not About the Rules – It’s About Faith

Bible Story: Acts 15

Bible Verse: Without faith it is impossible to please God. Those who come to God must believe that he exists. And they must believe that he rewards those who look to him. – Hebrews 11:6 (NIRV)

Bible Story W3: Paul and Silas in Prison

Bible Point: Jesus Breaks Chains

Bible Story: Acts 16:16-40

Bible Verse: Suddenly there was a powerful earthquake. It shook the prison from top to bottom. All at once the prison doors flew open. Everyone’s chains came loose.  – Acts 16:26 (NIRV)

Bible Point: We Worship the One True God

Bible Story: Acts 17:16-34

Bible Verse: He is the God who made the world. He also made everything in it. He is the Lord of heaven and earth. He doesn’t live in temples built by human hands. – Acts 17:24 (NIRV)Bible Story W4: Paul Preaches in Athens

MAY 2022

Bible Story W1: Jesus Ascends into Heaven

Bible Story: Acts 1:1-26; Luke 24:50-53

Bible Point: Power comes from the Holy Spirit

Verse: But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. Then you will tell people about me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria. And you will even tell other people about me from one end of the earth to the other.” – Acts 1:8 (NIRV)

Description: We all find times when we feel weak or shy. As a parent we would love to see our kids live out bold and courages lives. This is where the Holy Spirit can help. The Holy Spirit can help us be brave and bold and in today’s story we see when the disciples were first filled with the Holy Spirit.

Bible Story W2: The Holy Spirit is Sent to the Disciples

Bible Point: The Holy Spirit Gives Us Gifts

Bible Story: Acts 2:1-12

Bible Verse: There are different kinds of gifts. But they are all given to believers by the same Spirit. – 1 Corinthians 12:4 (NIRV)

Bible Story W3: Ananias and Sapphira

Bible Point: God Wants Us to Tell the Truth

Bible Story: Acts 4:32-35; 5:1-4

Bible Verse: An honest witness tells the truth.  But a dishonest witness tells lies. – Proverbs 12:17 (NIRV)

Bible Story W4: The Stoning of Stephen

Bible Point: We share our faith because everyone needs Jesus

Bible Story: Acts 6:8-7:1; 7:54-60

Bible Verse: He said to them, “Go into all the world. Preach the good news to everyone. – Mark 16:15 (NIRV)

Bible Story W5: The Conversion of Saul

Bible Point: Jesus Changes Hearts

Bible Story: Acts 9:1-19

Bible Verse: God, create a pure heart in me.  Give me a new spirit that is faithful to you. – Psalm 51:10 (NIRV)

April 2022

Bible Story W1: The Beatitudes

Bible Point: Blessings come from following Jesus

Bible Story W2: Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)

Bible Point: You can welcome Jesus into your heart!

Bible Story W3: Jesus is Resurrected (Easter Sunday)

Bible Point: Jesus is Alive!

Bible Story W4: Doubting Thomas

Bible Point: When I doubt, I can remember Jesus

Verse: Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”– John 20:29 (NIRV)

March 2022

Bible Story W1: Jeremiah Is Thrown Into A Well

Bible Point: God sticks with us when we’re stuck

Bible Story W2: Three Friends Won’t Bow

Bible Point: We Can Boast About God

Bible Story W3: Queen Esther Speaks Up

Bible Point: You can use your voice to help others

Bible Story W4: Nehemiah Is Sad

Bible Point: When you pray, God shows the way

February 2022

Bible Story W1: Hannah Prays

Bible Point: God Hears Our Prayers


Bible Story W2: David Fights Goliath

Bible Point: God is on your side!

Verse: Psalm 118:6-7 The Lord is with me. I will not be afraid.
    What can mere human beings do to me?
The Lord is with me. He helps me.
    I win the battle over my enemies.

Bible Story W3: David and Jonathan Are Friends

Bible Point: A true friend loves like Jesus

Verse: Proverbs 17:17A friend loves at all times.
    They are there to help when trouble comes. (NIrV)

Bible Story W4: Solomon Chooses Wisely

Bible Point: Jesus Gives Wisdom to Everyone Who Asks

Verse: James 1:5 (NIrV) Jesus Gives Wisdom to Everyone Who Asks

January 2022

Bible Story W1: Watched Christmas play videos and talked about the near year

Bible Story W2: Ten Spies Give a Bad Report

Bible Point Suggestion: When you trust and obey, Jesus shows the way

Verse: Be strong and brave. Don’t be afraid of them. Don’t be terrified because of them. The Lord your God will go with you. He will never leave you. He’ll never desert you. – Deuteronomy 31:6 (NIrV)

Bible Story W3: The Snake on a Stick

Bible Point Suggestion: Trusting in God gives you a grateful heart

Verse: The Lord is good. When people are in trouble, they can go to him for safety. He takes good care of those who trust in him. – Nahum 1:7 (NIrV)

Bible Story W4: The Wall Falls Down

Bible Point Suggestion: Jesus fights our battles

Verse: But let us give thanks to God! He gives us the victory because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done.- 1 Corinthians 15:57 (NIrV)

Bible Story W5: God Gives Naomi a New Family

Bible Point Suggestion: You Are a Part of God’s Family

Verse: Some people did accept him and did believe in his name. He gave them the right to become children of God. – John 1:12 (NIrV)


December 2021: Sparks WHIRL Curriculum

DEC W1: Lesson 1 – An Angel Visits Joseph

DEC W2: Lesson 1 The Annunciation
DEC W3: Lesson 2 Mary Visits Elizabeth
DEC W4: Lesson 3 Jesus Is Born

November 2021: Sparks WHIRL Curriculum

NOV W1: Lesson 7 Many Follow Jesus
NOV W2: Lesson 8 Jesus Blesses Children
NOV W3: Lesson 9 Jesus Teaches about Prayer
NOW W4: Lesson 10 Jesus heals a paralyzed man

October 2021

Bible Story #1: A Bush Is on Fire But Doesn’t Burn Up

Bible Point: The Holy Spirit Is Our Helper

Bible Story #2: Stubborn King Pharaoh Says No!

Bible Point: Jesus Can Save Us From a Stubborn Heart

Verse: Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend on your own understanding. In all your ways obey him. Then he will make your paths smooth and straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIrV)

Bible Story #3: What Is the Lamb For?

Bible Point: Jesus is the True Lamb of God

Verse: The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him. John said, “Look! The Lamb of God! He takes away the sin of the world! – John 1:29 (NIrV)

Bible Story #4: No Way to Escape

Bible Point: Jesus Helps Us Overcome Fear

Verse: The Lord is my light, and he saves me. Why should I fear anyone? The Lord is my place of safety. Why should I be afraid? – Psalm 27:1 (NIrV)

Bible Story #5: A Cow Popped Out!

Bible Point: Jesus Gives Us Grace For Others

Verse: God’s grace has saved you because of your faith in Christ. Your salvation doesn’t come from anything you do. It is God’s gift. – Ephesians 2:8 (NIrV)

September 2021

Bible Story #1: Surprise! God Chooses Jacob

Bible Point: God Always Keeps His Promises

Bible Story #2: Jacob Has a Dream

Bible Point: God is With You Wherever You Go!

Bible Story #3: Joseph’s Brothers Sell Him

Bible Point: Jesus Helps Us Forgive

Bible Story #4: Miriam Watches the Basket

Bible Point: God Watches Over You and Keeps You Safe

August 2021

Bible Story #1: God Makes Everything

Bible Point: God made you special & unique

Bible Story #2: Adam & Eve Disobey

Bible Point: When we disobey, Jesus brings us back to God

Bible Story #3: God Sends A Rainbow

Bible Point: God Always Keeps His Promises

Bible Story #4: Abraham Counts The Stars

Bible Point: Bible Point

Bible Story #5: Rebecca Gives the Camels Water Too!

Bible Point: Bible Point

July 2021

Bible Story #1: The friend of little children (Page 256)

Bible Point: Jesus always has time for children

Bible Story #2: Operation No more Tears (Page 144)

Bible Point: God has a rescue plan

Bible Story #3: Son of Laughter (Page 56)

Bible Point: God makes the impossible, possible

Bible Story #4: A Giant Staircase to Heaven (Page 48)

Bible Point: Jesus is the way to heaven

Living Like Christ | June 2021

Bible Story #1: The Man Who Didn’t Have Any Friends (Page 264)

Bible Point: God’s Love Transforms Our Heart

Bible Story #2: Let’s Go (Page 208)

Bible Point: You Can Be God’s Helper, Too!

Bible Story #3: A dream of Heaven (Page 342)

Bible Point: Jesus is coming back to make all things new

Bible Story #4: A New Way To See (Page 334)

Bible Point: It’s not about rules. It’s about grace.

Actively Serving | May 2021

Bible Story #1: Filled Full

Bible Point: God can make our little little into something big

Bible Story #2: The teeny, weenie, true king (about our heart)

Bible Point: Jesus looks at our heart.

Bible Story #3: Running Away (Not about rules or doing our own thing). Serve out of love.

Bible Point: God freely and joyfully forgives

Bible Story #4: A Little Girl and a Poor Frail Lady

Bible Point: Jesus has power over sickness and death

Bible Story #5: The girl no one wanted

Bible Point: God sees greatness in us when others don’t

Spirit Empowered | April 2021

APR W1: EASTER: The Wonderful Surprise (Page 310)

Bible Point: Jesus is Alive!

APR W2: The Servant King

Bible Point: Serving Is Loving

Bible Story #3: Going Home

Bible Point: Tell everyone the happy news

Bible Story #4: God Sends Help

Bible Point: Jesus makes his home in you

Family Adventure Activity:

Biblically Fluent | March 2021

Bible Story #1: Ten Ways to Be Perfect

Bible Point: Rules help us, but Jesus saves us

Bible Story #2: Get Ready

Bible Point: God has a plan to love you forever

MAR W3: The Good Shepherd (Page 130)

Bible Point: God Sees The Best In Us

MAR W4: The Sun Stops Shining (Page 302)

Bible Point: Jesus paid the punishment for our sins

Bible Point: Jesus died for you and for me

Responsive in Worship | February 2021

Bible Story #1: The Beginning: A Perfect Home

Bible Point: Everything God makes is good

Bible Story #2: The Singer

Bible Point: God loves to look after you

Bible Story #3: Washed with Tears

Bible Point: I can worship God without any words

Bible Story #4: The Terrible Lie (Broken trust breaks relationship)

Bible Point: God’s rules makes life better

Family Adventure Activity:

Bold in Faith | January 2021

Bible Story #1: A New Beginning (NOAH) Page 38

Bible Point: I can trust God even when it doesn’t make sense

Dad Jokes 16-18

Bible Story #2: The present (Abraham sacrifices Isaac) – Page 62

Bible Point: When we trust God big he does big things

Dad Jokes 19-21

Bible Story #3: The Warrior Leader

Bible Point: Jesus is bigger than our fears


Bible Story #4: The Captain of the Storm

Bible Point: God will always make a way

Bible Story #5: God makes a way

Bible Point: God is always on time

Family Adventure Activity:

Christmas | December 2020

Bible Story #1: He’s Here p176

Bible Point: I can trust God to keep his promises

Dad Jokes 4-6

Bible Story #2: The Light of the World p184

Bible Point: Big or small, Jesus came for us all

Dad Jokes 7-9

Bible Story #3: The King of All Kings p192

Bible Point: God doesn’t leave anybody out

Dad Jokes 10-12

Bible Story #4: Heaven Breaks Through p200

Bible Point: God’s love is never ending and never failing

Dad Jokes 13-15

Family Adventure Activity:

Giving Selflessly November 2020

Bible Story #1: God to the rescue

Bible Point: God gives us strength to stand up for others

Bible Story #2: Treasure Hunt

Bible Point: Jesus is a treasure worth more than anything else we have.

What I gained was greater.

Bible Story #3: God’s Messenger

Bible Point: God helps us love people that aren’t easy to love

Dad Jokes 25-27

Bible Story #4: A Dark Night In The Garden

Bible Point: We can trust God on our worst day

Dad Jokes 22-24

Bible Story #5: A little servant girl and the proud general

Bible Point: God can use children to make a big difference

Dad Jokes 1-3

Family Adventure Activity:

Choose a family activity to bless someone

Powerful in Prayer | October 2020

Bible Story #1: Daniel and the scary sleepover

Bible Point: God makes us brave when things are scary.

Bible Story #2: The young Hero and the Horrible Giant

Bible Point: God is not afraid of the things I’m afraid of.

Bible Story #3: The forgiving prince

Bible Point: God can use the bad for good.

Bible Story #4: How To Pray

Bible Point: Prayer is a conversation with a friend.

Family Adventure Activity: Neighborhood Prayer Walk

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