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AdventureKids | Adding Video to Kids Web Page

Login to Admin page.

Go to and login

(Any staff member should be able to do this)

Go to the Kids Ministry Web Page

Once you are login in to the dashboard, navigate to

Edit the Kids Page to add the new videos

If you are logged into the website, you should see the Edit Page option at the top of the AdventureKids web page. Click Edit Page.

1. Scroll down to the sections where the kids videos are located.

You will notice that there are two sections – that are labeled “WEEK OF _____”

2. Use the Move icon (left-most icon for that section) to move the older week above the newest week.

Note: Your can use the arrow icon at the far right of a section to open or collapse that section. 

3. Rename the of the older section to the upcoming week

3a. Click on the gear icon to open up the settings.

3b. Open the Admin Label section and enter the new date

3c. Click the green checkmark icon to save the change.

4. Rename the Title to display the proper week dates

4a. Click gear icon for the (Title Text) section.

Note: Yup – its the one with the weird text (it’s a bug)

4b. Scroll down and update the date for the upcoming week

After updating the date, click the green checkmark icon to save

5. Update the video module with the new video link

5b. Click on the gear icon for the video module you want to update

5c. Retrieve the YouTube video link from your YouTube video

Click the Share button under your video

Click the COPY button to copy the video link

5d. Paste the video link in the video module

Hover over the video module and then click the gear icon

Click the Insert from URL link

Paste the YouTube video link in the field and click Insert Into Page

Click the green checkmark icon to save the change.

6. Click the Update button under the Publish section on the right-hand side.


Special Note: Enabling or Disabling Modules or sections

Sometimes if I am waiting on content I will disable a section until have that info. This allows me to update what I have do have in the meantime.

To disable or enable, right-click on the module or section and choose the enable or disable option. Then turn the icons red to disable or green to enable.

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