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Testimony Plan

Calvary Testimony Plan
Vision: Each of the testimonies shared should glorify God and point to how He is working in their life. They should be appropriate for children to view (nothing explicit or graphic) and not speak poorly of other people, communities, churches, or organizations.
Prompt idea:
  • Discuss a painful time or challenge  you’ve walked though in your life and how God met you in the midst of that.
  • In what ways have you seen God be faithful to you in your own life?
Steps for receiving and shooting testimonies:
1. Reach out via email or text to ask if they’d share their story with you. Let them know that sharing their story is a great way to show others how God is working through your life and that their story builds up your faith when you hear it.
How is God molding you, shaping you, and changing you in your life?
      • What has been the hardest thing emotionally and spiritually for you?What has been your experience of God in your story?
      • Set a specific length of time that you’d like them to share. (People typically go longer.)
2. Conduct a phone call to get a brief version of what they’re thinking of sharing. This will serve as a practice for them and an opportunity for you to see if their story would be the right fit for sharing with the church via Sunday or on social media.
    • If it’s not a good fit for the story, let them know thank you so much for sharing, that it has encouraged your faith, and we always just love hearing stories of what God is doing. This off-ramps them so they do not feel “rejected”.
    • If it is a good fit…
3. Schedule a time from them to come in.
      • Give them some time to get comfortable in front of the camera.
      • Start the audio and video early and leaver it running. Sometimes the discussion before and after can be powerful.
      • Encourage them before and after.
      • Remind them that they can re-say anything and we can edit it.
4. Follow up by reaching out to thank them for sharing.
  • If they’ve been extra raw/real/emotional, this extra step of care can be crucial for the person feeling pastored and cared for.
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